Real Estate

How Bedrock Legal Group Is Making Real Estate More Rewarding

At Bedrock Legal Group, we fully understand the allure of real estate transactions and the potential profits they carry. As an investor, buyer, landlord or seller, however, you need to know how real estate laws affect you before diving in. We’re devoted to teaching you to put the rules to good use.


Working to Help Landlords

Landlords are governed by numerous rules and responsibilities, but they also have rights. We can help you master nuanced legal subjects like:

  • How to write clear, binding leases that are legally enforceable and facilitate improved tenant understanding,
  • How to fulfill your responsibilities and protect your tenants’ rights in a legally acceptable fashion when tenants break leases, rental units require repairs, natural disasters damage your property or other events occur,
  • How to evict problem tenants should the situation demand it,
  • How to charge fair, legal security deposits and hold or return the funds as necessary, and
  • How to avoid actions that might constitute housing discrimination and leave you liable for monetary damages.


Getting You More From Brokerage Transactions

Brokerage agreements have many benefits, but not every transaction or contract is a good idea. Before agreeing to any form of legally binding arrangement, it’s vital that you retain the services of an attorney. Professionals can help you comprehend the precise meaning of prospective contracts and how they’ll impact your rights and obligations in the long run.

The Bedrock Legal Group team works tirelessly to clarify complex agreements and proposals. By ensuring that you understand what your brokerage contract actually means in terms of the services you’ll obtain and the fees you’ll pay, we empower you to make more intelligent, profitable decisions.


Securing Stronger Assurances

In the world of real estate law, different jurisdictions vary on whether or not contracts need to be written or oral to become legally binding. When disputes arise, however, almost all courts defer to written documents to resolve disagreements. Well-written legal documents can also minimize the likelihood of misinterpretation. In short, consulting with Bedrock Legal Group specialists about how to formulate your contracts can make your life much easier.


Leveraging the Law

It doesn’t matter whether you want to get into real estate as a buyer, broker, seller or investor. The scope of the law is broad enough that even experienced participants might get lost along the way. Discussing the options with a Bedrock Legal Group attorney is the best solution for ensuring that your transactions actually put you on the path to success.