Business Litigation

Impactful Business Litigation for Consumers and Companies

Business litigation can resolve many of the disputes that might arise between companies. It’s also an essential aid for consumers. The Bedrock Legal Group family firmly believes in ensuring that everyone can take advantage of this important tool.


Business Litigation Services Tailored to Your Personal Needs

We’re proud to help consumers take action against the companies that wrong them. A business may have illegally profited from your intellectual property without paying or crediting you. You may have been injured by a defective product or misled by false advertising. No matter what your circumstances are, we’re confident in our ability to help you pursue justice.


Protecting the Rights of Modern Companies

As a business owner, your survival may depend on suing another company. For instance, your rival may use unfair, illegal practices to prevent you from competing or steal your products and ideas. Sometimes, business partners that you thought were trustworthy might cause irreparable harm by betraying you. Each case is unique, but we understand how to help you apply business litigation techniques for the ultimate good of your enterprise.


How Do We Use Business Litigation on Your Behalf?

Effective business litigation must be tailored to the situation at hand, and lawsuits aren’t the only answer. We’ve assisted companies and individuals with:


Partnerships That Went Wrong

Not all business partnerships result in success. In some cases, your business partner or broker may act in bad faith.

By withholding vital information, failing to disclose conflicts of interest, going behind your back or working with your competitors, bad actors can compromise the success of your business and cause you to suffer significant losses. We help you use the court system to break free of harmful partnerships and ensure that bad faith partners can no longer threaten your undertakings.


Stolen Intellectual Property

If your business concept, patented product, writing, trademark or artwork is stolen by a company that subsequently profits from its use, you might have valid grounds for an intellectual property lawsuit. Bedrock Legal Group attorneys understand the nuances of what can be construed as protected fair use and what constitutes theft. Regardless whether your stolen intellectual property was in physical or digital form, we help you defend your livelihood via lawsuits, copyright claims and other means.


Securing Representation During Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation

In some cases, you’ll need to arbitrate a dispute, or air your grievances before a judge or similarly impartial deciding entity. This third party may have the power to pass a binding or non-binding judgment that you either have to abide by or respond to with further negotiation and litigation. In other disputes, it’s advisable to mediate your disagreement with a third party who simply helps you reach a resolution that’s acceptable for everyone involved.

No matter which route you decide to follow, Bedrock Legal Group makes the process easier by offering sound legal perspectives and representing your interests. Discover more by contacting us today.