About Us

At Bedrock Legal Group, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive legal solutions that meet our clients’ specialized needs. We’ve helped businesses, individuals, families and others who required assistance with everything from evaluating prospective property deals to filing for bankruptcy and protecting their consumer rights. Clients depend on our tenacious legal services to overcome challenges in practice areas like:


Bankruptcy Law

Our approach to bankruptcy is designed to do far more than just help you fill out the paperwork. We also educate you on the different forms of bankruptcy and what each means for your specific situation so that you can choose the most effective debt relief solution. Our representatives walk you through the filing process to ensure that your bankruptcy petition accurately portrays the severity of your circumstances and increases your chances of being approved for debt protection.


Real Estate Law

We help landlords, investors, lenders and others in their quests to benefit from property transactions. Our intimate familiarity with issues like landlord rights and responsibilities, contemporary housing laws and brokerage contract negotiations allows our clients to enter their real estate undertakings with justified confidence. By helping you find surer footing, we make it easier to accurately assess and avoid risks.
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Law

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, was originally passed to provide consumers with more breathing room from collection agencies, financial institutions and lenders that failed to respect the boundaries of decency. Today, we use it to help consumers avoid predatory lending, fight back against harassment, stop repetitive abuse and gain peace as they seek to resolve their debt obligations responsibly.


Business Litigation

Companies don’t always act in your best interest, even if you’re the owner of a business yourself. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a consumer, we’ll use business litigation to help you mediate, arbitrate and negotiate disputes, resolve issues involving defective products, pursue restitution after suffering intellectual property theft and rebound from bad faith partnerships that jeopardize your business goals.


Consumer Protection Law

Consumers deserve protection from companies that take advantage of them or expose them to risks. The laws that guarantee such protections and afford you the right to seek restitution for wrongdoing are broad, and as society moves forward, they constantly evolve to keep up. We strive to help you use consumer protection laws as effectively as possible.

Bedrock Legal Group was founded in pursuit of excellence, and we’ve built a culture that revolves around fighting for our clients. We continually employ our expertise to provide proactive representation that improves the lives of those we serve. Contact one of our attorneys today to discover how we can assist you.