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At Bedrock Legal Group, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive legal solutions that meet our clients’ specialized needs.

How Could Bankruptcy Law Change Your Life?

At Bedrock Legal Group, it’s our top priority to help you leverage the full potential of bankruptcy.

Protecting Consumers and Their Rights

As a consumer of products or services, you’re legally entitled to certain assurances.

Making Real Estate More Rewarding

We understand the allure of real estate transactions and the potential profits they carry.

Business Litigation

Business litigation can resolve many of the disputes that might arise between companies. It’s also an essential aid for consumers. The Bedrock Legal Group family firmly believes in ensuring that everyone can take advantage of this important tool.


In 1978, Congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, commonly known as the FDCPA. This landmark law was designed to protect consumers from unfair, extreme or unwarranted forms of debt collection.


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